Jingle Jangle

by Walter Rossi | A Rockin' Merry Christmas

In his own words

Throughout my lifetime, I have never really questioned why music has been my passion. If pressed, I would say that part of the reason lies with my parents. My mother was a Neapolitan gypsy who loved to sing, and my father was a carpenter who enjoyed playing the guitar. Whenever they got together with their friends, the wine would flow and music would fill the house. As far back as I can remember the music was always there. I would sit and watch my father’s fingers moving along the neck of the guitar- taken by the sound they produced. I never tired of listening to him. He had a limited repertoire and so he played the same four chords endlessly. That didn’t matter to me. I wanted badly to touch that guitar.

It was at the end of grade school that I finally earned the right to hold the magic instrument in my hands.It came as a reward for bringing home a medal of honour for Application and Personality. From that moment on my life changed direction. I found myself spending hours on end passing my fingers over those six strings. That old beat-up acoustic guitar of his was, to me, the… READ MORE