Career timeline


At 20 years old , Guitarist with “Wilson Pickett” American legend,one of the most popular singer`s in the world of that decade. Included a one year major American Tour plus many dates on Canada.



Co-founder of the rock group called “Influence”.
One of the first Canadian Progressive Rock Groups to get an American Recording Contract.
One album contract with A.B.C. Records U.S.A.
Album released in North America.
Influence landed a six month Canadian & American
Tour. Opening for Steppenwolf and The Doors.
PARTICIPATION (guitarist – writer – composer – arranger).



Founder of rock group called “Charlee”.
One album released with R.C.A. reords Canada.
PARTICIPATION (guitarist – singer – composer – arranger).
Title song “Lord knows i’ve won” was number 1 in the Australian charts for 4 weeks.



Guitarist with group called “Luke and the Apostles”. Most popular rock group in Ontario at this time.
Recording contract with “True North” -DISTRIBUTION- C.B.S. records.
One of the few Canadian groups to play at the “Strawberry fields pop festival” in front of almost 300,000 people in Ontario.
Guitarist for the “Buddy Myles Express” ex drummer with Jimi Hendrix.
Recording sessions and live performances in the U.S.A.
Recorded the original song “Them Changes” in Chicago with Buddy Myles and Billy Cox


1973 to 1976

Guitarist for “Michel Pagliaro”.
Recorded four albums with same.
Co-composer of many songs and live
performances in Quebec, Ontario an France.
Guitarist for “Nanette” Workman”.
Recorded two albums with same.
Co-composer, arranger and co-producer.
For many years Walter Rossi was one of the most sought after studio musician in Quebec.



Start of Walter Rossi solo career.
Recorded first solo album with Aquarius Records (Walter Rossi)
One Canadian Tour.
PARTICIPATION (guitarist – singer – composer – writer – arranger)
Produced by George Lagios and Michel Pagliaro .



Recorded second album with Aquarius Records (Six Strings Nine Lives) critical acclaim .
One Canadian Tour .
PARTICIPATION (guitarist – singer – composer – writer – arranger).
Produced by Walter Rossi and George Lagios .



Recorded third album with Aquarius Records (Diamonds for the Kid)
One Canadian Tour.
PARTICIPATION (guitarist – singer – writer – composer – arranger)
Produced by Walter Rossi.
Won a Juno Award for Best new vocalist.



Released a fourth album with Aquarius Records (Walter Rossi Picks)
PARTICIPATION (guitarist – singer – writer – composer – arranger – producer)
Recorded one album for Wilson Pickett at “Andre Perry’s Morin Heights Studios”.
PARTICIPATION (guitarist), Produced by Andre Perry and Jean Roussel.
Nominated for a Felix Award for album of the year, SIX STRINGS NINE LIVES (Walter Rossi).



Recorded two dance oriented albums with group The Bombers – WEST END Records.
Albums released in Canada – U.S.A. and much of Europe.
PARTICIPATION (guitarist – co-composer – co-writer – arranger).



Recorded two dance oriented albums with groups BOB-A-RELA and TOP SECRET –
Albums released in North America.
PARTICIPATION (guitarist – co-composer – co-writer – arranger).

Recorded album with group DOUBLE – UNISON Records. Album released in Canada and Europe.
PARTICIPATION (guitarist – co-writer – co-composer – arranger)
Produced by Walter Rossi and Buster Jones.



Recorded and produced first Louise Portal album Portal released by
PRO CULTURE (Quebec) and ADES (France).
PARTICIPATION (co-writer – composer co-arranger – guitarist )
Produced by Walter Rossi
Produced and recorded new Walter Rossi album ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN ONE FOOT IN HELL
Nominated for a Felix award for producer of the year for first Louise Portal L.P.



Recorded and produced 2nd LOUISE PORTAL album EVADEE released by
PRO CULTURE (Quebec) and ADES (France).
PARTICIPATION (producer – co-writer – composer – arranger – guitarist).
Recorded and producer rock group LEYDEN ZAR released in Canada on Unidisc Records.
Nominated for a Felix Award for arranger of the year for Boulevards Noir (Louise Portal).



Recorded and produced 3rd Louise Portal album DELIRE.
Released by KEBEC DISC INC.
PARTICIPATION (producer – guitarist – writer – composer – arranger)
Recorded and produced one single for group CITY- Unidisc Records
Recorded and produced one single for Robert Stephane – Isba Records.



Recorded and produced 4th Louise Portal album Louise Portal (Disque Traffic)
PARTICIPATION (Arranger – producer – writer)
Produced Toronto Rock Group Romance at Eleven album Unidisc Records.



Recorded and produced title song Marcher sur du verre for Sylvie Bernard Disc Passport.

Scores and Themes for corporatives films. Video 30
-Ville de Montréal, Gaz Métropolitain, Ministère des forêts and many more…



Walter Rossi bought a 60 acre ranch in Hemmingford with Louise Portal and became a cowboy.
PARTICIPATION (House renovation – Mending fences – Planting trees – Riding a motorcycle –
Bailing an average of 2000 bails of hay – Taking care of his horses and pets).



Recorded and produced title song Quand je sors la nuit for France D’amour
first album, Disque Tacca
PARTICIPATION (producer – writer – arranger).



Got quite involved with advertisement music (gingles-pub)
Did Scores for: Jet films – Prism – Figaro – Allard Communications – Video 30
Pacini restaurants, Mr Felix and Norton Cookies, Loto Québec, Pogo… and many more.



Recorded and produced metal group The Cast Dance Plant Records
PARTICIPATION (co-arranger)
Construction of his own recording studio in Knowlton, Quebec.



Produced Geraldine Cordeau Disque Star
PARTICIPATION (arranger – writer).
Always working on many differents projects in is own studio.


2001 – 2002

Produced a mini CD for the Drones
Recorded and produced guitarist Adam Karsh’s first CD on Justin Time Records
to be released in september 2002.